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Are Israeli Supreme Court Justices Super-Heroes?

kohelet כ"ה אייר התשע"ח | 10 May 2018

“UNRWA’s conduct severely undermines the neutrality and credibility of the UN”

Uri Akavia י"א כסלו התשע"ח | 29 November 2017

When dealing with UNRWA we need to remember that some employees of this UN agency are in fact war criminals. They assisted terrorists in targeting israeli civilians and they...

“Waving the act based on such threats invites further threats”

Prof. Eugene Kontorovich כ"ד חשון התשע"ח | 13 November 2017

Prof. Kontorovich testified in favor of moving the United States Embassy to Jerusalem at a special Congressional hearing of the Subcommittee on National Security.

Trump’s Policy Possibilities on Jerusalem and the Peace Process

Prof. Eugene Kontorovich ד' סיון התשע"ז | 29 May 2017

Prof. Kontorovich who has been active in pushing for anti-BDS laws in the U.S. Congress as well as in many states, outlined in a briefing at the JPC the...

Prof. Eugene Kontorovich debates against Prof. Rashid Khalidi on the UNSC resolution

Prof. Eugene Kontorovich כ"ח טבת התשע"ז | 26 January 2017

Kerry’s speech on the U.S. decision to abstain from a UN resolution condemning Israeli settlements has triggered intense debate on the future of U.S. policy regarding the Israeli-Palestinian conflict....

Tevi Troy on disaster management in the U.S. and other places

kohelet י"ד כסלו התשע"ז | 14 December 2016

Tevi Troy,  the CEO of the American Health Policy Institute and the author of  “Shall We Wake The President? Two Centuries of Disaster Management From The Oval Office” spoke in...

Not every ethnic group is entitled to have their own country

Prof. Eugene Kontorovich ג' אב התשע"ו | 7 August 2016

Prof. Eugene Kontorovich at the Judiciary Committee of the Congress

kohelet ז' אייר התשע"ו | 15 May 2016

Prof. Eugene Kontorovich’s testimony examined how the Executive improperly ignored legislation pursuant to the Foreign Commerce Clause in implementing the Iran nuclear deal and also ignored restrictions on funding...

Boaz Arad on mandatory service in the Free Market Road Show 2016

kohelet ז' אייר התשע"ו | 15 May 2016

Dr. Barbara Kolm – Free Market Road show 2016

kohelet ז' אייר התשע"ו | 15 May 2016

Prof. Kontorovich in Congress hearing

Prof. Eugene Kontorovich י"ז שבט התשע"ה | 6 February 2015

Prof. Eugene Kontorovich, Senior fellow at Kohelet Policy Forum at the Subcommittee Hearing: The Palestinian Authority’s International Criminal Court Gambit: A True Partner for Peace?

On the necessity of the Jewish State Bill

Prof. Moshe Koppel י"א כסלו התשע"ה | 3 December 2014

In an interview to Melanie Philips’s show on the Voice of Israel (11/30/2014) Prof. Koppel explained the necessity of the Jewish state Bill

On the legality of deterrence and punitive measures against terrorists

Prof. Eugene Kontorovich א' כסלו התשע"ה | 23 November 2014

Prof. Eugene Kontorovich, an international law expert from Northwestern University and senior fellow at the Kohelet Forum in Jerusalem, analyzes the legality of new deterrence measures, from house demolitions...

On basic law Israel as the nation-state of the Jewish people

Prof. Abraham Diskin א' כסלו התשע"ה | 23 November 2014

Prof. Diskin explains the rationale of the Basic law: Israel as the nation-state of the Jewish people which he was one of its initiators

Abbas’ threat to go to the ICC against Israel

Prof. Eugene Kontorovich ח' אלול התשע"ד | 3 September 2014

Prof. Eugene Kontorovich, International Law expert and senior fellow at the Kohelet Policy Forum, explains why Israel has bigger concerns than Abbas’ threat to go to the International Criminal...

Hostile interview in News Asia over Israel’s operation against Hamas

Prof. Moshe Koppel כ"ו תמוז התשע"ד | 24 July 2014

Prof. Moshe Koppel in a particularly hostile interview on the “failure of Israeli propaganda during operation Protective Edge”.

Israel has no obligation to give warning before bombing terror targets

Prof. Eugene Kontorovich י"ב תמוז התשע"ד | 10 July 2014

Following the Kidnapping and murder of three Jewish teenagers and the rocket attacks on Israeli cities, Israel launched a large-scale offensive on the densely-populated Gaza Strip. Prof. Eugene Kontorovich...


kohelet ז' אדר ב' התשע"ד | 9 March 2014

Prof. Ruth Gavison, who was requested by the Justice Minister to examine Israel’s identity as a “Jewish and democratic state,” opened the Kohelet conference.

Prof. Moshe Koppel on Israel Now News

Prof. Moshe Koppel כ' שבט התשע"ד | 21 January 2014

Prof. Moshe Koppel presents Kohelet’s three flags and answers questions about taxes, representation, Israel as a Jewish nation-state and other issues on Kohelet’s agenda

Prof Diskin: Supreme court’s decision was “illegal and irrational”

kohelet כ"ג כסלו התשע"ד | 26 November 2013

Prof. Avi Diskin, senior fellow at Kohelet Policy Forum, related in an interview to the IBA News to the supreme court decision to dismiss three mayors despite the fact...

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