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The Kohelet Policy Forum, a Jerusalem-based, non-partisan think-tank founded in 2012, is dedicated to promoting the values of individual liberty and free-markets, Israel as the nation-state of the Jewish people, and representative democracy. 



Our objectives include:

  • Strengthening Israel as the nation-state of the Jewish people;

  • Defending Israel against distortions of international law and discriminatory treatment in the international arena;

  • Implementing immigration policies that promote aliyah and remove unnecessary regulatory barriers to integration.

  • Safeguarding the liberties of all Israeli citizens, regardless of ethnicity, religion, political beliefs, gender, or sexual orientation, while preventing all forms of unwarranted governmental coercion;

  • Facilitating competition and choice in education and empowering parents and local authorities with regard to their children’s education;

  • Enhancing the protection of individual liberty from government abuse by establishing clear, mandatory criminal defense rights;

  • Respecting Israel’s diversity by granting local governments meaningful independent powers.

  • Checking the power of statutory monopolies and cartels; 

  • Lowering the cost of living by opening the economy to international competition and reducing central planning;

  • Encouraging employment and productivity by easing the regulatory burden on entrepreneurs;

  • Simplifying the tax system and ending tax breaks for special interest groups;

  • Supporting the right to work by preventing coerced union membership and requiring transparency for labor unions.

  • Strengthening the authority of the Knesset as legislature and as overseer of the executive;

  • Safeguarding the independence of the judiciary and defining the extent and limits of its authority vis-a-vis the other branches of government;

  • Defining the proper roles of the Attorney General and government legal advisors;

  • Reforming appointment procedures in public service to increase representativeness and transparency.


We make our position papers available to all relevant bodies, regardless of political affiliation. We conduct careful research and provide lawmakers, as well as the general public, with facts and policy recommendations, in accordance with our vision. Our research, such as our many papers on the need for reforms in the judicial system, provides critical information to decision-makers that can then serve as a foundation for consensual solutions achieved through the political process.

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Address: Am Veolamo 8 St.
Jerusalem, Israel
Zip code: 9546306
Phone Number: 02-631-2720
Fax Number: 077-318-2028
Email: [email protected]

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