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We are obliged to make all the available information on our website accessible to visitors with various disabilities in the best possible way. We strive to improve the user experience and accessibility while reading through the information available on our website. 

We base our accessibility efforts on the Israeli standard (5568) which complies with internationally recognized best practices as elaborated in Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 – 11 December 2008. We operate under two guiding principles – by which we present the information and allow users to utilize the website:

  1. Perceivable.
  2. Operable. 

Based on these principles, the information in our website is presented in a logical, easy to understand manner both in language and structure. Images usually have alternative text which is discoverable while hovering over.

Using the accessibility module, users are able to: change font size, control the page contrast, change the site font to standard web font, omit colors and cancel flashing components. to standard. Navigating the website can be handled by the keyboard, which may help users also navigate through forms. Headlines and links are discoverable as well, while using the accessibility mode. Embedded and attached files are accessible within the limits of the file type. 

The site is responsive and may be used on any screen resolution, from desktop to any mobile device. 

We are always happy to receive comments and suggestions for improvements, as part of our commitment to our visitors. You may contact us using the contact form, which is available from the main menu. 


Meir Rubin, CEO

Kohelet Forum

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Address: Am Veolamo 8 St.
Jerusalem, Israel
Zip code: 9546306
Phone Number: 02-631-2720
Fax Number: 077-318-2028
Email: [email protected]

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