The consulate plan is a way to reverse President Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem

Prof. Eugene Kontorovich 25 Heshvan 5782 | 31 October 2021

The biggest diplomatic spat between Israel and the U.S. in recent memory is brewing over the Biden administration’s insistence on opening a consulate to conduct diplomatic relations with the...

Is the US embassy relocation a provocative move?

Prof. Eugene Kontorovich 14 Sivan 5778 | 28 May 2018

Prof. Kontorovich said on an interview to CNN that Jerusalem is a unified city and the embassy move is merely a recognition of reality on the ground

The U.S. embassy move rectifies a long standing absurdity

Prof. Eugene Kontorovich 13 Sivan 5778 | 27 May 2018

Is the American embassy move a positive step? Will it set a precedent for other countries to follow? Does it contradict a notion that Jerusalem is a shared space?...

שער מנדלבאום Mandelbaum Gate

America Recognizes One Jerusalem

Prof. Eugene Kontorovich 29 Iyyar 5778 | 14 May 2018

The new U.S. Embassy straddles the ‘Green Line,’ refusing to dignify claims of Israeli ‘occupation.’

“Waving the act based on such threats invites further threats”

Prof. Eugene Kontorovich 24 Heshvan 5778 | 13 November 2017

Prof. Kontorovich testified in favor of moving the United States Embassy to Jerusalem at a special Congressional hearing of the Subcommittee on National Security.

ירושלים Wayne McLean Jgrit)

Russia Recognizes Jerusalem as Israel’s Capital. Why Can’t the U.S.?

Prof. Eugene Kontorovich 20 Iyyar 5777 | 16 May 2017

Trump must soon decide whether to move the embassy. Doing so would help promote peace

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