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Adv. Amichai Filber

Graduated magna cum laude from Ramat Gan Law Academic College. Holds a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration from the Jerusalem branch of Toro College and a master's degree in public policy from the Open University. Served for two years as a paralegal at the National Labor Court of Justice, then was Director of Surveillance and Control Coordination and Assistant Director General at “Minhelet Tnufa” in the Prime Minister's Office. About 4 years ago he established the “Kosher Field in the Ministry of Religious Services” and headed it. Led the ministry's work in the field of restructuring the kashrut system, and served as a facilitator and supervisor for the kashrut departments in 132 religious councils. He represented the ministry in front of the State Auditor's Office and in front of the Economics Committee and the Knesset Research and Information. He worked in full cooperation with the Chief Rabbinate Council, the city rabbis, the heads of the religious councils, the Business union, and the labor organizations of hotel and entertainment workers. Served as an address to the plight of business owners, and kosher administrators. Initiated collaborations with the Ministries of Health, Economy, the National Service Administration, and the Office of Senior Citizens to improve and streamline the kashrut system. At the same time, he ran the meat and slaughter Import Department in the main Rabbinate of Israel. A resident of Gush Etzion, married and father of seven
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