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Israel must immediately end its acceptance of the ICJ’s jurisdiction

Prof. Eugene Kontorovich 19 Shevat 5784 | 29 January 2024

Israelis on Friday displayed what is called Jewish joy – they celebrated that the pogromniks only broke the windows, but did not kill anyone. The good news was the...

Chronic Failure Without Accountability: International Peacekeeping and Security Forces in the Arab-Israeli Conflict

Prof. Eugene Kontorovich, Dr. Adi Schwatz 7 Tevet 5784 | 19 December 2023

IntroductionThe U.S. and other international actors have become increasingly insistent on having a governance plan for “the day after” the Gaza War. Washington seems to be pushing for a...

Systemic Anti-Israel Bias in the United Nations Institutional Apparatus

Ran Bar-Yoshafat, Giulia Dal-Bello 28 Adar I 5782 | 1 March 2022

New policy paper addresses systemic anti-Israel bias within the United Nations (UN) institutional apparatus which manifests in a number of areas.

Why did the US leave the HRC and Why is it rejoining?

Prof. Eugene Kontorovich 18 Heshvan 5782 | 24 October 2021

Secretary of State Anthony Blinken says the U.S. is rejoining the anti-Semitic dictators' club the UNHRC to reform it and increase participation by democratic countries. Prof. Kontorovich challenged him...

Reducing UNIFIL could be a significant step in fixing the UN

Prof. Eugene Kontorovich 5 Elul 5780 | 25 August 2020

The peacekeeping force fails to obstruct Hezbollah and block arms smuggling. The U.S. should rein it in.

Pompeo Busts the ‘Occupation’ Myth

Prof. Eugene Kontorovich 3 Kislev 5780 | 1 December 2019

The claim that Israeli settlements are illegal was flimsy in 1978 and is ridiculous in 2019.

השגרירה ניקי היילי, הנשיא טראמפ ומזכ

New policy paper: Palestinian Membership in UN Agencies: Mandatory Defunding Under US Law

Prof. Eugene Kontorovich 7 Av 5778 | 19 July 2018

U.S. law prohibits funding UN “affiliated organizations” that accept the Palestinian Authority (PA) as a member state. In the past two years, the PA has been accepted into four...

Prof. Eugene Kontorovich debates against Prof. Rashid Khalidi on the UNSC resolution

Prof. Eugene Kontorovich 28 Tevet 5777 | 26 January 2017

Kerry’s speech on the U.S. decision to abstain from a UN resolution condemning Israeli settlements has triggered intense debate on the future of U.S. policy regarding the Israeli-Palestinian conflict....

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