• Dr. Asher Meir

    Dr. Asher Meir

    Head of the economic department. Dr. Meir serves as a Senior Lecturer in Economics at the Jerusalem College of Technology.
    His academic research focuses on consumer insolvency, including consumer bankruptcy and mortgage policy. He has worked on the staff of the US Council of Economic and Advisers and for the NBER, the World Bank, and in the private sector.
    Dr. Meir's active areas of study at Kohelet include housing policy, deregulation in the agricultural sector, and financing of local government.

  • Prof. Eugene Kontorovich

    Prof. Eugene Kontorovich

    Prof. Eugene Kontorovich teaches at Northwestern University School of Law, and specializes in international and constitutional law.

    He received undergraduate and graduate degrees from the University of Chicago, where he also taught for two years. He clerked for Judge Richard Posner on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit. He has been honored with a residential fellowship at the Institute for Advanced Study's School of Social Science in Princeton, New Jersey, and the Bator Award from the Federalist Society. His scholarship has been cited in many judicial opinions in the U.S.

    He has been a visiting professor at Tel Aviv University and Bar Illan law faculties, and is currently a Lady Davis Visiting Professor at Hebrew University. Each summer he teaches a course on constitutional law at the Northwestern-Tel Aviv joint graduate law program.

    His interests at Kohelet include the territorial issues involving Israel; international criminal law; and judicial reform.

  • Dr. Yitzhak Klein

    Dr. Yitzhak Klein

    Received his PhD from Harvard University's Department of Government.

    Prior to coming to Kohelet, Dr Yitzhak Klein served as head of the Israel Policy Center, an Israeli policy institute specializing in constitutional affairs and civil rights.

    He served as adviser to the Knesset Constitution and Law Committee and teaches in the the Department of Citizenship Studies at Efrata College, Jerusalem.

  • Ariel Erlich

    Ariel Erlich

    Ariel is a father of five, Married to Yifat, a journalist. Ariel is a lawyer who completed his studies at Hebrew University with a BA and an MA in law in addition to a degree in Jewish philosophy. Taught Jewish law at the Hebrew University and conducted a Halachic-historic study on the religious aspects of teenage marriage. He served for six years as a law clerk in the Jerusalem district court and for a year in the international law department of the Military Advocate General. In his reserve duty Ariel is positioned as an officer in an infantry unit and as a legal adviser in the MAG.

  • Dr. Aviad Bakshi

    Dr. Aviad Bakshi

    Dr. Aviad Bakshi is the head of the legal department in Kohelet Policy Forum. Dr. Bakshi, a former Hesder Yeshiva teacher, completed his first and second law degrees at Bar Ilan University with honors and was admitted to the Israeli bar after his internship in the High Court Department at the State Attorney's Office. Dr. Bakshi wrote his doctoral thesis as part of the president's scholarship for excelling ph.d students on the "proper constitutional significance of Israel as a Jewish state," which won the Begin Award 2012. During his doctorate Dr. Bakshi was a research fellow at the Schwartz Institute of Political Philosophy Studies at Beit Morasha.
    Since 2004, Dr. Bakshi has been involved in legislative and constitutional initiatives as an independent scholar, a member of the IZS constitution team, the legal editor of MK Michael Eitan and Prof. Moshe Koppel's proposed constitution, head of Weiler Foundation's legislative project at Bar Ilan University and director of the Berliner Institute - a clinic for legislative initiatives at the Ono Academic College.
    The research conducted by Dr. Bakshi in public law focuses on issues relating to the identity of Israel as a democratic nation-state and issues related to separation of powers. Alongside his work at Kohelet, Dr. Bakshi teaches Constitutional and Administrative Law at Ono Academic College and Bar Ilan University.

  • Dr. Michael Sarel

    Dr. Michael Sarel

    Dr. Sarel is a senior fellow at Kohelet. Until March 2014, he served as the Chief Economist and director of state revenue, research and international affairs. He obtained his doctoral degree from Harvard where he was also a teaching fellow. Dr. Sarel worked in the World Bank, The International Monetary Fund, The Bank of Israel, in the Ministry of Finance as head of the research department and in Harel Insurance and Finance Group as the head of the economics and research department.

  • Shuky Blass

    Shuky Blass

    Dr. Shuky Blass lives with his wife and four children in the Negev. Blass wrote his Ph.d dissertation in history at The Hebrew University about the anti-Israel propaganda in Western Europe..

    Shuky Blass is the head of Kohelet's media department