International law

What are they so afraid of?

Ariel Erlich 23 Shevat 5783 | 14 February 2023

Levin's law reform provoked three types of reactions: substantive discussion for and against, including alternate proposals and intermediary outlines; Extreme and irresponsible discourse, saturated with slogans about the end...

The maritime border deal will take a toll on Israeli democracy

Prof. Eugene Kontorovich 4 Heshvan 5783 | 29 October 2022

gged on by the Biden administration, Israel’s interim government is on the brink of undermining both the country’s security and its constitution by signing a deal that would give...

Israel, Armenia and Presbyterians

Prof. Eugene Kontorovich 17 Sivan 5782 | 16 June 2022

An American church has a glaring double standard when it comes to settlements in the West Bank and Nagorno-Karabakh.

The Istanbul Convention Opens Israel to Radical Social Changes Imposed by the Courts, and Permanent Condemnation by an International Body

Prof. Eugene Kontorovich 28 Iyyar 5782 | 29 May 2022

The Istanbul Convention Opens Israel to Radical Social Changes Imposed by the Courts, and Permanent Condemnation by an International Body May 2022 The Government of Israel has announced its...

The consulate plan is a way to reverse President Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem

Prof. Eugene Kontorovich 25 Heshvan 5782 | 31 October 2021

The biggest diplomatic spat between Israel and the U.S. in recent memory is brewing over the Biden administration’s insistence on opening a consulate to conduct diplomatic relations with the...

BDS should be allowed to demonstrate, not to refuse doing business with people because of who they are

kohelet 27 Tishri 5782 | 3 October 2021

An interview in Mishpacha Magazine with the head of the international law department at Kohelet, Prof. Eugene Kontorovich.

Sheikh Jarrah public

Understanding the Current Sheikh Jarrah (Jerusalem) Property Dispute

Prof. Avi Bell 29 Iyyar 5781 | 11 May 2021

Many of the media accounts of the recent court judgments regarding the properties in Sheikh Jarrah have distorted the facts. Here are the real facts.

HRW’s report distorts international law and whitewashes terrorism

Prof. Avi Bell 17 Iyyar 5781 | 29 April 2021

Human Rights Watch is set to release its newest attack on the Jewish state of Israel tomorrow. The report, a 217-page collection of lies, distortions of the law and...

HRW Crosses the Threshold into Falsehoods and Anti-Semitic Propaganda

kohelet 14 Iyyar 5781 | 26 April 2021

Human Rights Watch’s new report, “A Threshold Crossed” accusing Israel of the crime of apartheid is, despite its length, a propaganda document: full of falsehoods and distortions. The world...

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