Criticism of Israel’s reaction encourages the Hamas

Prof. Eugene Kontorovich 8 Tammuz 5781 | 18 June 2021

New NGO Bill

Israel’s New NGO Bill will Reveal Hidden Agendas

Dr. Emmanuel Navon 29 Tevet 5776 | 10 January 2016

In recent years, the extent of European meddling in Israeli politics via supposedly “non-governmental” organizations has reached unprecedented levels. Both the European Commission and European governments donate dozens of...

boycott israel

The Academics Boycotting Israel Are Misguided

Dr. Emmanuel Navon 15 Heshvan 5776 | 28 October 2015

The arguments used by the British academics who clled for boycott on Israel are demonstratively false: Israel does not illegally occupy “Palestinian land,” and Israel does not resist a...

Liberal American Jews

Liberal American Jews are the ones being isolated, not Israelis

Dr. Emmanuel Navon 19 Sivan 5775 | 6 June 2015

The fact that those who used to identify themselves as the “peace camp” changed their brand to the “Zionist camp” in Israel’s recent elections is not fortuitous: most Israeli...


The truth about the PA’s ‘imminent financial collapse’

Dr. Emmanuel Navon 6 Adar 5775 | 25 February 2015

Israel’s decision to suspend the transfer of tax revenues to the Palestinian Authority (PA) was met by the latter’s claim that it is about to go bankrupt, as well...


What Sri Lanka’s elections reveal about the UN and the Palestinians

Dr. Emmanuel Navon 1 Shevat 5775 | 21 January 2015

Even though Sri Lanka is a small and remote country, Israel can learn from it three important lessons about the UN and the Palestinians. The first lesson is that...


ICC undermines its own independence with Palestine inquiry

Prof. Eugene Kontorovich 27 Tevet 5775 | 18 January 2015

The ICC’s Prosecutor announced on Friday the opening of a “preliminary examination” into “the Situation in Palestine. The decision to open the inquiry involved the prosecutor determining that the...


Does Israel have to give free power to Gaza?

Prof. Eugene Kontorovich 6 Av 5774 | 2 August 2014

A recent debate has arisen over whether Israel, from which Gaza procures much of its power, is obligated under international law to continue providing Gaza with power during the...


A legal opinion: Israel may stop supplying electricity and water to Gaza

Prof. Avi Bell 19 Tammuz 5774 | 17 July 2014

Legal opinion: srael may stop supplying water and electricity to Gaza

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