Electoral System in Israel

The Latest Coalition Government Proposition: An Un-Democratic Violation of our Electoral Rights and Freedoms

Adv. Aharon Garber 9 Elul 5781 | 17 August 2021

It was reported this week that the coalition is considering a bill that will prevent an accused (but not convicted) individual from forming a government. This proposal undermines the...


A Detailed Proposal for a Feasible Electoral Reform

Dr. Emmanuel Navon, Prof. Abraham Diskin 26 Elul 5777 | 17 September 2017

The changes proposed here are the result of years of research, data analysis and comparative studies. We believe that the reforms outlined in this paper would be beneficial, that...


The Electoral Reform Netanyahu Should Promote

Dr. Emmanuel Navon 4 Elul 5776 | 7 September 2016

During the 2015 Knesset elections, Benjamin Netanyahu committed to reform Israel’s voting system so as to free the prime minister from the permanent blackmail of his coalition partners. More...


Israel is in dire need of electoral reform

Dr. Emmanuel Navon 10 Tevet 5775 | 1 January 2015

Israel is in dire need of electoral reform, but such reform is unlikely today as it was under Ben-Gurion. In France happened thanks to a combination of national disaster...


Bring democracy back

Dr. Yitzhak Klein 29 Av 5773 | 5 August 2013

The state’s democracy is threatened not only from the outside but also by internal elements that have stopped believing in the democratic process of majority rule. MK Levin, who...

Debate regarding changes in the electoral system

Kohelet 10 Tammuz 5773 | 18 June 2013

Debate between Dr. Emmanuel Navon who argues for transition towards a regional voting system and Prof. Avi Diskin who argues against the ide


Election and representation

Prof. Abraham Diskin 22 Iyyar 5773 | 2 May 2013

The necessity of democratic elections seems to be accepeted by all. However, a wide range of researchers have proven that there is no democratic way that can solve all...

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