The Teachers’ Association Director Continues to Harm Students, Parents and Teachers

Avrum Tomer 7 Iyyar 5784 | 15 May 2024

Public attention is rightfully riveted to war events, the hostages and their families, and now a missile attack, but in point of fact, the very need to focus our...

The Education System in Israel Must be Less Centralized

Avrum Tomer 12 Adar I 5784 | 21 February 2024

Rami Hod wrote an op-ed for about the Haredi (ultra-orthodox) education budgeting in which he castigated Kohelet Policy Forum – and misrepresented the facts. Here at Kohelet Forum...

Following the HCJ ruling on Special Ed

Kohelet, Yishai Rivlin 25 Heshvan 5784 | 9 November 2023

In One Line:The Supreme Court canceled the Ministry of Education’s policy decision that shortened the school day in the Special Ed system due to a shortage of teaching staff....

Education Policy Memo

Kohelet 17 Elul 5783 | 3 September 2023

The claim that there is a shortage of teachers, amounting up to thousands of teachers a year, is being made more and more often in public discourse. Israel does...

Personal Contracts in the Education System: A Step in the Right Direction, but Hardly Enough.

Avrum Tomer 11 Elul 5783 | 28 August 2023

Avrum Tomer, Kohelet Policy Forum researcher of education policy, comments in a Makor Rishon article on the merits of the Ministry of Education’s declaration to allow some teachers to...

Will the new Education Minister overcome the odds?

Avrum Tomer 19 Av 5781 | 28 July 2021

If the new education minister decides to fundamentally change the employment model within education she will have overcome a decade old battle.

Failing Grade: Israel’s Teachers Don’t Deserve a Raise

Dr. Yitzhak Klein 27 Heshvan 5780 | 25 November 2019

After two decades of granting wage hikes with little to show for them, the Israeli public has the right to make some demands of its own from the teachers’...

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