New NGO Bill

Israel’s New NGO Bill will Reveal Hidden Agendas

Dr. Emmanuel Navon כ"ט טבת התשע"ו | 10 January 2016

In recent years, the extent of European meddling in Israeli politics via supposedly “non-governmental” organizations has reached unprecedented levels. Both the European Commission and European governments donate dozens of...

EU Flag

Europe Mislabels Israel

Prof. Eugene Kontorovich א' כסלו התשע"ו | 13 November 2015

Making special rules for Israel has the undesired effect of reducing Israel’s incentives to take international law seriously: If the goal posts can be moved, there is less reason...


The Weyl-Levitsky Double Standard Theorem

Prof. Avi Bell כ"א חשון התשע"ו | 3 November 2015

Last week, Professors Glen Weyl and Steve Levitsky caused a stir with an op-ed in the Washington Post calling for a boycott of the Jewish state, thus endorsing a...

boycott israel

The Academics Boycotting Israel Are Misguided

Dr. Emmanuel Navon ט"ו חשון התשע"ו | 28 October 2015

The arguments used by the British academics who clled for boycott on Israel are demonstratively false: Israel does not illegally occupy “Palestinian land,” and Israel does not resist a...


Challenging the EU’s Illegal Restrictions on Israeli Products in the World Trade Organization

Prof. Avi Bell, Prof. Eugene Kontorovich ה' תשרי התשע"ו | 18 September 2015

The EU’s treatment of Israeli goods from “settlements” contrasts with its treatment of other countries in similar situations, as EU reports have themselves admitted. This violates the core GATT...

iran deal

An Informed Vote on the Iran Deal

Adv. Jerome Marcus י"ז אלול התשע"ה | 1 September 2015

The principal question about the Iran nuclear agreement is whether U.S. negotiators really got what they needed to prevent the Islamic Republic from joining the nuclear club To opponents,...

נוויל צמברליין

Iran deal and 1938: Israel’s leaders have it all wrong

Dr. Emmanuel Navon ו' אב התשע"ה | 22 July 2015

Israeli reactions to the nuclear deal with Iran have been herd-like and along party lines. Now that the deal is a fait accompli (notwithstanding the slim possibility of gathering...

New federal law

New federal law fights European boycotts of Israel

Prof. Eugene Kontorovich י"ט תמוז התשע"ה | 6 July 2015

A major new anti-boycott law creates changes the legal landscape for governments and companies, including European ones, that seek to impose politically-motivated economic sanctions on Israeli companies. On Monday,...

Economic Dealings

Economic Dealings with Occupied Territories

Prof. Eugene Kontorovich כ"ב סיון התשע"ה | 9 June 2015

In recent years, the international legality of economic activity in occupied territories has emerged as matter of significant debate, largely focused on Israeli-controlled territories. Some European officials, supported by...

Liberal American Jews

Liberal American Jews are the ones being isolated, not Israelis

Dr. Emmanuel Navon י"ט סיון התשע"ה | 6 June 2015

The fact that those who used to identify themselves as the “peace camp” changed their brand to the “Zionist camp” in Israel’s recent elections is not fortuitous: most Israeli...

Economic and Social Prosperity

Israel’s Path to Economic and Social Prosperity

Dr. Michael Sarel ט"ו סיון התשע"ה | 2 June 2015

Kohelet’s new publication presents the story of Israel’s economy – successes and remaining obstacles in 25 charts followed by short explanations. The full report on PDF

The Israeli-Palestinian conflict and the Cypriot status quo

Dr. Emmanuel Navon ג' סיון התשע"ה | 21 May 2015

The visit to Israel of Federica Mogherini, the High Representative of the European Union (EU) for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, is meant to revive the EU’s involvement in...


Iran’s Relief Ship and the Blockade of Yemen

Prof. Eugene Kontorovich כ"ד אייר התשע"ה | 13 May 2015

Iran has announced that it will be sending a ship with humanitarian supplies to Yemen, departing the evening of May 10th. Many parts of the Yemeni conflict raise law...


The Free Market Road Show is coming to town

kohelet ט"ז אייר התשע"ה | 5 May 2015

Facebook-KohaletTwitter-KoheletyoutubeiconVisionAboutevents VideodonationcontacthomeHebThe Free Market Road Show is coming to townThe Free Market Road Show is coming to town How to Create Growth? The 2015 Free Market Road Show® will...


The way Israel decides to appoint judges is none of the EU’s business

Dr. Emmanuel Navon י' אייר התשע"ה | 29 April 2015

The EU’s unsolicited opinion about the issue of judicial reform in Israel stems from both arrogance and ignorance. In fact, the Judicial reform proposedby the Likud party would make...


Mr. Obama, hubris that has lasted seven years must end

Dr. Emmanuel Navon ה' ניסן התשע"ה | 25 March 2015

The Obama Administration is incensed at Israel these days. The President himself publicly reprimanded Israel’s Prime Minister for his election day comment regarding Israeli Arabs, and expressed concern for...


Policies for Economic Growth

kohelet י"ד אדר התשע"ה | 5 March 2015

Policies for Economic Growth


The truth about the PA’s ‘imminent financial collapse’

Dr. Emmanuel Navon ו' אדר התשע"ה | 25 February 2015

Israel’s decision to suspend the transfer of tax revenues to the Palestinian Authority (PA) was met by the latter’s claim that it is about to go bankrupt, as well...


Event: UNRWA Reconsidered

kohelet כ"ה שבט התשע"ה | 14 February 2015

Roadblock to Peace – How the UN Perpetuates the Arab-Israeli Conflict:  UNRWA Policies Reconsidered


Construction in the West Bank: the EU cannot fool all the people all the time

Dr. Emmanuel Navon כ"ב שבט התשע"ה | 11 February 2015

The EU is entitled to take sides (as it copiously does) in the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians. But why be devious? The EU has no problem defying...

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