Live 2nd day: The Abraham Accords: Towards a New Middle East?

Kohelet ל' תשרי התשפ"א | 18 October 2020

Live from the second day: The first day: The Abraham Accords: Towards a New Middle East? The First International Conference of the Shiloh Forum, Kohelet Policy Forum and Israel...

Israeli National Diplomatic System: a Blueprint for Reform

Asher Fredman י"ד אלול התש"פ | 3 September 2020

This study analyzes the State of Israel’s national system for conducting foreign relations, in light of far-reaching changes in the diplomatic arena. The analysis demonstrates the necessity for wide-ranging...

Reducing UNIFIL could be a significant step in fixing the UN

Prof. Eugene Kontorovich ה' אלול התש"פ | 25 August 2020

The peacekeeping force fails to obstruct Hezbollah and block arms smuggling. The U.S. should rein it in.

UNIFIL – A Last Chance to Reform Ineffective UN Missions While Protecting Israel

Prof. Eugene Kontorovich י"ז אב התש"פ | 7 August 2020

Overview: From the start of the Trump Administration, the U.S. has sought to reform the bloated United Nations. Peace-keeping missions were to be a central part of this reform,...


Letter to an American Christian friend

Dr. Yechiel Leiter כ"ה סיון התש"פ | 17 June 2020

Helping to secure Israel's future in Judea, Samaria, and the Jordan Valley may actually be the key to a rebirth of American confidence and domestic tranquility as well.

100 years since San Remo, when Israel became a sovereignty

Prof. Eugene Kontorovich כ"ד אייר התש"פ | 18 May 2020

In San Remo, the League of Nations decided to turn much of the former Ottoman Empire into new nation-states: Syria, Iraq, Lebanon and Jordan all emerged from this process,...

Judaism Straight Up: A new book explores the central differences between traditional societies and contemporary cosmopolitan ones.

Prof. Moshe Koppel י"א אייר התש"פ | 5 May 2020

In Judaism Straight Up, Moshe Koppel explores the central differences between traditional societies – including traditional Judaism – and contemporary cosmopolitan ones. He explains everything you always wanted to know about...


Israel’s planning in a topsy-turvy world

Dr. Asher Meir כ"ז ניסן התש"פ | 21 April 2020

The most vulnerable farms are also the least efficient; mechanization is the key to both saving costs and avoiding pathogens.

A Selective Opponent of ‘Settlers’

Prof. Eugene Kontorovich כ"ב טבת התש"פ | 19 January 2020

Human Rights Watch’s Sara Leah Whitson has one standard for Israel, another for Armenia.

US Ambassador David Friedman on the Pompeo Doctrine

Kohelet ט"ו טבת התש"פ | 12 January 2020

Ambassador David Friedman spoke at the Pompeo conference held by the Kohelet Forum and the Shiloh Forum

Live: Conference on The Pompeo Doctrine

Kohelet י' טבת התש"פ | 7 January 2020


Pompeo Busts the ‘Occupation’ Myth

Prof. Eugene Kontorovich ג' כסלו התש"פ | 1 December 2019

The claim that Israeli settlements are illegal was flimsy in 1978 and is ridiculous in 2019.

Failing Grade: Israel’s Teachers Don’t Deserve a Raise

Dr. Yitzhak Klein כ"ז חשון התש"פ | 25 November 2019

After two decades of granting wage hikes with little to show for them, the Israeli public has the right to make some demands of its own from the teachers’...

On anti-BDS laws, antisemitism and freedom of speech

Prof. Eugene Kontorovich כ' תמוז התשע"ט | 23 July 2019

Why the anti-BDS laws legislated in 27 states are not only permissible but also just and do not contradict freedom of speech

Birth preferences in Israel and their effect on poverty indices and welfare levels

Dr. Michael Sarel, Gilad Gaibel י"ט תמוז התשע"ט | 22 July 2019

Social and economic policy today generally ignores the broader meaning of welfare, according to which it must be determined whether it is right to subsidize certain population groups at...

Is government spending in Israel low by international standards, and should it be increased?

Dr. Michael Sarel, Nisan Avraham ה' תמוז התשע"ט | 8 July 2019

Understanding the institutional and demographic differences between countries is important for the media and public discourse in Israel, which often call for increased government spending based on a simplistic...

Bahrain. free image

Take the Palestinians’ ‘No’ for an Answer

Prof. Eugene Kontorovich כ"ז סיון התשע"ט | 30 June 2019

They’ve rejected every peace initiative. Their no-show this week in Bahrain should be the last

שלטון שופטים

Democracy vs juristocracy

Prof. Moshe Koppel כ' סיון התשע"ט | 23 June 2019

None of the constraints on the court taken for granted elsewhere exist in Israel—those who hysterically argue against any limitation on judicial review are actually trying to create a...

Where’s the real threat coming from in 2019?

Adv. Jerome Marcus כ"א ניסן התשע"ט | 26 April 2019

Iran is a far greater danger to Jews, the Jewish state and Western civilization than a gaggle of rednecks wearing bed sheets over their heads.

On the narrative change regarding Judea & Samaria

Prof. Eugene Kontorovich כ' ניסן התשע"ט | 25 April 2019

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