Concerned Jews of America, Here Are Answers to Your Pledge

Dr. Emmanuel Navon כ"ד אלול התשע"ח | 4 September 2018

A “Pledge” against Israel’s new nation-state law was recently put online (here) by eight organizations: T’ruah (the rabbinic call for human rights), the New Israel Fund, J-Street, Ameinu, American for Peace Now, the National Council of...

To American Jews – about Israel’s Nation-State law

Ran Bar-Yoshafat י"ט אלול התשע"ח | 30 August 2018

There is Irony Surrounding American Jewish Criticism of Israel’s Nation-State Law. If Israel was not the “Nation State of the Jewish People” and instead just a random country, American...


Adv. Meir Buchnick ט"ז אלול התשע"ח | 27 August 2018

The relationship between the Jewish Diaspora and Israel preceded Israel as a state. It would be safe to say that the majority of the builders, in both the physical...

The Nation-State Law, A Constitutional Showdown With Postmodernism

Dr. Yechiel Leiter י"ד אלול התשע"ח | 25 August 2018

It’s a painful ritual that we’ve experienced many times before. Or is this time different? Condemnations of Israel’s new Nation-State Basic Law are rolling in from the usual international...

The alternative to the nation-state law

Dr. Aviad Bakshi ז' אלול התשע"ח | 18 August 2018

An entire generation of legislative silence came to an end with the enactment of the nation-state law. The Knesset finally made a clear ethical statement: “The State of Israel is...

Basic Truths About The Basic Law

Prof. Eugene Kontorovich ג' אלול התשע"ח | 14 August 2018

The basic Zionist values articulated by this law have been supported by every government since the creation of the State of Israel. Israel as the home of Jewish self-determination;...

The truth about Israel’s Nationality Law

Dr. Netanel Fisher כ' אב התשע"ח | 1 August 2018

The Nation State Law ratifies classical Zionism: The State of Israel is a Jewish state. That's all

Israel as a Nation-State in Supreme Court Rulings

Prof. Gideon Sapir, Dr. Aviad Bakshi י"ד אב התשע"ח | 26 July 2018

Download the full article     The following article portrays the gradual erosion of the Nation-state concept in Israeli Supreme Court rulings.   The article is from “The Israeli...

השגרירה ניקי היילי, הנשיא טראמפ ומזכ

New policy paper: Palestinian Membership in UN Agencies: Mandatory Defunding Under US Law

Prof. Eugene Kontorovich ז' אב התשע"ח | 19 July 2018

U.S. law prohibits funding UN “affiliated organizations” that accept the Palestinian Authority (PA) as a member state. In the past two years, the PA has been accepted into four...

A Zionist constitutional revolution

Dr. Aviad Bakshi ז' אב התשע"ח | 19 July 2018

The likely passage of the nation-state bill is the most important Zionist development to be inserted into Israel’s lawbooks since the Law of Return was passed in 1950. The...

Get Over It—Israel Is the Jewish State

Prof. Eugene Kontorovich ז' אב התשע"ח | 19 July 2018

Let the hand-wringing and denunciations begin. On Thursday Israel finally expressed in constitutional law the basic achievement of Zionism: Israel is the nation-state of the Jewish people. In the...

The Case for Israel’s Jewish State Law

Dr. Emmanuel Navon ו' אב התשע"ח | 18 July 2018

Until the passing of the basic law on Israel as a nation-state, the court had no constitutional basis to reject anti-Zionist petitions and to protect Israel’s Jewishness. Now it...

Israeli Ports in The Era of Competition

kohelet ג' אב התשע"ח | 15 July 2018

Ports are critical for Israel’s economy—99% of Israel’s goods trade through ports, and about 90% of this trade passes through the Ashdod Port Company and the Haifa Port Company....

Is the US embassy relocation a provocative move?

Prof. Eugene Kontorovich י"ד סיון התשע"ח | 28 May 2018

Prof. Kontorovich said on an interview to CNN that Jerusalem is a unified city and the embassy move is merely a recognition of reality on the ground

The U.S. embassy move rectifies a long standing absurdity

Prof. Eugene Kontorovich י"ג סיון התשע"ח | 27 May 2018

Is the American embassy move a positive step? Will it set a precedent for other countries to follow? Does it contradict a notion that Jerusalem is a shared space?...

When Israel’s Supreme Court approved of the override clause

Dr. Emmanuel Navon ט' סיון התשע"ח | 23 May 2018

It was Justice Aharon Barak who came up with the creative solution to let the law against the import of non-kosher meat pass. Despite the fact he himself deemed...

שער מנדלבאום Mandelbaum Gate

America Recognizes One Jerusalem

Prof. Eugene Kontorovich כ"ט אייר התשע"ח | 14 May 2018

The new U.S. Embassy straddles the ‘Green Line,’ refusing to dignify claims of Israeli ‘occupation.’

Are Israeli Supreme Court Justices Super-Heroes?

kohelet כ"ה אייר התשע"ח | 10 May 2018

Anti-Israel Activists Subvert a Scholarly Group

Prof. Eugene Kontorovich, Prof. Jesse M Fried ט"ז כסלו התשע"ח | 4 December 2017

The American Studies Association boycotted the Jewish state. It wasn’t by popular demand.

“UNRWA’s conduct severely undermines the neutrality and credibility of the UN”

Uri Akavia י"א כסלו התשע"ח | 29 November 2017

When dealing with UNRWA we need to remember that some employees of this UN agency are in fact war criminals. They assisted terrorists in targeting israeli civilians and they...

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