The court will have tools over the government even without the reasonableness standard

Adv. Ariella Segal כ"א שבט התשפ"ג | 12 February 2023

The judicial system has a complete toolbox with which it checks and balances the executive authority, aka the government, and its multitude of offices and bodies. The Minister of...

Government Basic Law Amendment – AG

Kohelet ב' שבט התשפ"ג | 24 January 2023

Proposed Government Basic Law (Amendment – Government Authority in Legal Matters), 2023

The Judiciary Basic Law Amendments

Kohelet ב' שבט התשפ"ג | 24 January 2023

The principle of constitutionality is a meta-principle of administrative law, according to which a public department is authorized to act only within the confines of jurisdiction given to it...

A systemic disregard for Israel’s Basic Laws demonstrates the importance of the judicial reform.

Prof. Eugene Kontorovich כ"ט טבת התשפ"ג | 22 January 2023

The intervention is a timely illustration of why the new government seeks to reform the tribunal.

The Israeli government finally has the power to restore balance

Adv. Avraham Shalev כ"ה טבת התשפ"ג | 18 January 2023

Israel is unique among Western democracies – it has a self-appointed judiciary that is at the same time legislator, executive as well as drafter and creator of Israel’s constitution....

Is It Time to Force Ukraine to Negotiate? No, it’s not

Dr. Yitzhak Klein ח' טבת התשפ"ג | 1 January 2023

Dr. Yitzhak Klein responds to a column by Prof. Inbar, who suggested that Ukraine should start negotiating with Russia over its territories.

Debunking myths about the “grandparent clause”

Prof. Eugene Kontorovich ג' טבת התשפ"ג | 27 December 2022

Israel’s new government is considering reforming the “grandparent clause” in the Law of Return. That original law of return was adopted in 1950 and is part of Israel’s foundational...

The lack of checks on the Supreme Court’s powers lies at the root of the cause for judicial reform

Adv. Avraham Shalev ב' טבת התשפ"ג | 26 December 2022

There are many important differences between Israel and Canada. Canucks are currently freezing in their parkas and toques, while Israelis are still in shorts and sandals. Canadians play hockey,...

What are the checks and balances on the Judicial branch?

Kohelet כ"ז כסלו התשפ"ג | 21 December 2022

Prof. Moshe Koppel, Chairman of the Kohelet Policy Forum participated in the Times of Israel debate on the judicial reforms.

The maritime border deal will take a toll on Israeli democracy

Prof. Eugene Kontorovich ד' חשון התשפ"ג | 29 October 2022

gged on by the Biden administration, Israel’s interim government is on the brink of undermining both the country’s security and its constitution by signing a deal that would give...

Discrimination against the Jewish state is not free speech

Prof. Eugene Kontorovich י"א תמוז התשפ"ב | 10 July 2022

June was a terrible month for the anti-Israel boycott, divestment and sanctions movement. On June 22, in Arkansas Times v. Waldrip, the Eighth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals broadly...

Israel, Armenia and Presbyterians

Prof. Eugene Kontorovich י"ז סיון התשפ"ב | 16 June 2022

An American church has a glaring double standard when it comes to settlements in the West Bank and Nagorno-Karabakh.

Labeling of settlement goods is about discrimination, not law

Prof. Eugene Kontorovich ט"ו סיון התשפ"ב | 14 June 2022

Norway defends its decision to label Judea and Samaria products as being in line with the EU Court of Justice, but international law experts remain unconvinced.

Why Israel shouldn’t join the Istanbul Convention

Prof. Eugene Kontorovich י"ב סיון התשפ"ב | 11 June 2022

The Istanbul Convention is a treaty that would subject Israel to the review of a hostile international commission.

The Istanbul Convention Opens Israel to Radical Social Changes Imposed by the Courts, and Permanent Condemnation by an International Body

Prof. Eugene Kontorovich כ"ח אייר התשפ"ב | 29 May 2022

The Istanbul Convention Opens Israel to Radical Social Changes Imposed by the Courts, and Permanent Condemnation by an International Body May 2022 The Government of Israel has announced its...

Israel should learn from Jewish history and defend itself

Dr. Yitzhak Klein כ"ז אדר ב' התשפ"ב | 30 March 2022

The article was published in the Jerusalem Post under the title “Israel must look to its own defenses in regards to Iran” The United States and other powers will...

What connects the latest terror attacks to the May 2021 riots?

Adv. Avraham Shalev כ"ז אדר ב' התשפ"ב | 30 March 2022

The article was first published in Fathom Journal under the title “Israel Needs to Talk about the Arab Riots of May 2021” Almost a year after the May 2021...

An interview with Moshe Koppel, chairman of the Kohelet Policy Forum

Kohelet ה' אדר ב' התשפ"ב | 8 March 2022

On the occasion of the 10th anniversary of Kohelet’s founding, Prof. Moshe Koppel sat for an interview with Talia Dekel-Fleissig, VP of the Jerusalem Press Club

Bar Ilan Cafe

There’s Apartheid in the Holy Land, but Not in Israel

Prof. Eugene Kontorovich כ"ח אדר א' התשפ"ב | 1 March 2022

The report by Amnesty International accusing Israel of apartheid—a likely preview of similar moves at the United Nations and the International Criminal Court—has been widely debunked, including in these...

Systemic Anti-Israel Bias in the United Nations Institutional Apparatus

Ran Bar-Yoshafat, Giulia Dal-Bello כ"ח אדר א' התשפ"ב | 1 March 2022

New policy paper addresses systemic anti-Israel bias within the United Nations (UN) institutional apparatus which manifests in a number of areas.

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