The U.S. embassy move rectifies a long standing absurdity

Prof. Eugene Kontorovich י"ג סיון התשע"ח | 27 May 2018

Is the American embassy move a positive step? Will it set a precedent for other countries to follow? Does it contradict a notion that Jerusalem is a shared space?...

When Israel’s Supreme Court approved of the override clause

Dr. Emmanuel Navon ט' סיון התשע"ח | 23 May 2018

It was Justice Aharon Barak who came up with the creative solution to let the law against the import of non-kosher meat pass. Despite the fact he himself deemed...

שער מנדלבאום Mandelbaum Gate

America Recognizes One Jerusalem

Prof. Eugene Kontorovich כ"ט אייר התשע"ח | 14 May 2018

The new U.S. Embassy straddles the ‘Green Line,’ refusing to dignify claims of Israeli ‘occupation.’

Are Israeli Supreme Court Justices Super-Heroes?

kohelet כ"ה אייר התשע"ח | 10 May 2018

Anti-Israel Activists Subvert a Scholarly Group

Prof. Eugene Kontorovich, Prof. Jesse M Fried ט"ז כסלו התשע"ח | 4 December 2017

The American Studies Association boycotted the Jewish state. It wasn’t by popular demand.

“UNRWA’s conduct severely undermines the neutrality and credibility of the UN”

Uri Akavia י"א כסלו התשע"ח | 29 November 2017

When dealing with UNRWA we need to remember that some employees of this UN agency are in fact war criminals. They assisted terrorists in targeting israeli civilians and they...

“Waving the act based on such threats invites further threats”

Prof. Eugene Kontorovich כ"ד חשון התשע"ח | 13 November 2017

Prof. Kontorovich testified in favor of moving the United States Embassy to Jerusalem at a special Congressional hearing of the Subcommittee on National Security.

ירושלים Wayne McLean Jgrit)

Removing the Barriers to Housing Development in Israel

Dr. Asher Meir כ"ו אלול התשע"ז | 17 September 2017

Excessive government intervention in the housing market makes housing in Israel much more expensive than it should be.


A Detailed Proposal for a Feasible Electoral Reform

Dr. Emmanuel Navon, Prof. Abraham Diskin כ"ו אלול התשע"ז | 17 September 2017

The changes proposed here are the result of years of research, data analysis and comparative studies. We believe that the reforms outlined in this paper would be beneficial, that...

Holland ballot

New Likudniks legitimately play by the rules of a flawed game

Dr. Emmanuel Navon כ' אלול התשע"ז | 11 September 2017

The New Likudniks’ undertaking is not what is needed to cure the ills of party primaries. The solution lies in introducing open lists in Israel’s electoral system

anti-Israel march. Credit: Ted Eitan

Israel anti-boycott bill does not violate free speech

Prof. Eugene Kontorovich י"ד אב התשע"ז | 6 August 2017

The Human Rights Council clearly does not regard businesses “supporting” settlements to be a human rights issue except when Israel is involved

occupied territories

New Report: Who Else Profits?

kohelet כ"ה סיון התשע"ז | 19 June 2017

A new study documents the widespread role of some of the world's largest companies in supporting settlement enterprises in the occupied territories. It is an essential companion to the...

Trump’s Policy Possibilities on Jerusalem and the Peace Process

Prof. Eugene Kontorovich ד' סיון התשע"ז | 29 May 2017

Prof. Kontorovich who has been active in pushing for anti-BDS laws in the U.S. Congress as well as in many states, outlined in a briefing at the JPC the...

ירושלים Wayne McLean Jgrit)

Russia Recognizes Jerusalem as Israel’s Capital. Why Can’t the U.S.?

Prof. Eugene Kontorovich כ' אייר התשע"ז | 16 May 2017

Trump must soon decide whether to move the embassy. Doing so would help promote peace

Mehdi Meklat. wikipedia

The Titanic of the French Left

Dr. Emmanuel Navon ז' אדר התשע"ז | 5 March 2017

The “Meklat Affair” not only exposed, once again, the moral bankruptcy of the French left. It also confirmed its stubborn refusal to face the fact that there is such...

Prof. Eugene Kontorovich debates against Prof. Rashid Khalidi on the UNSC resolution

Prof. Eugene Kontorovich כ"ח טבת התשע"ז | 26 January 2017

Kerry’s speech on the U.S. decision to abstain from a UN resolution condemning Israeli settlements has triggered intense debate on the future of U.S. policy regarding the Israeli-Palestinian conflict....

עמונה. ויקיפדיה. צילום יעקב

Israel’s Settlement Regulations Bill and International Law

Prof. Eugene Kontorovich כ"ב כסלו התשע"ז | 22 December 2016

The proposed “Regulation Bill” raises the legal issues within Israeli and International Law regarding Israel's conduct in Judea, Samaria, the Golan Heights and East Jerusalem. Prof. Kontorovich...

Tevi Troy on disaster management in the U.S. and other places

kohelet י"ד כסלו התשע"ז | 14 December 2016

Tevi Troy,  the CEO of the American Health Policy Institute and the author of  “Shall We Wake The President? Two Centuries of Disaster Management From The Oval Office” spoke in...

Kohelet Forum conference 2016 – Legal consulting in the civil service

kohelet ב' חשון התשע"ז | 3 November 2016

On October 26 the Kohelet Policy forum held it's annual conference on the status and authority of the Attorney General

Israel's path to prosperity 2016

Israel’s path to economic and social prosperity

Dr. Michael Sarel, Itamar Yakir כ"ח תשרי התשע"ז | 30 October 2016

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