Chronic Failure Without Accountability: International Peacekeeping and Security Forces in the Arab-Israeli Conflict

Prof. Eugene Kontorovich, Dr. Adi Schwatz ז' טבת התשפ"ד | 19 December 2023

IntroductionThe U.S. and other international actors have become increasingly insistent on having a governance plan for “the day after” the Gaza War. Washington seems to be pushing for a...

Time to Awaken to the Danger of “Woke”

Dr. Naama Avidan ו' טבת התשפ"ד | 18 December 2023

Merav Michaeli, chairwoman of the Labor party, condemned international women’s organizations for ignoring Hamas atrocities, calling it a major betrayal: “I can’t remember ever hearing such deafening silence in...

Rely on the Justice of our Cause, not on our Weakness

Dr. Naama Avidan ו' טבת התשפ"ד | 18 December 2023

Before the “Swords of Iron” war, Israeli Prime Ministers would accompany visiting foreign politicians to the Yad Vashem Holocaust Memorial in order to acquaint them with the extent of...

Swords of Iron: Economic Do’s and Don’ts

Kohelet ה' טבת התשפ"ד | 17 December 2023

A new policy paper by Nisan Avraham, senior economic researcher, and Dr Michael Sarel, Head of Kohelet Economic Forum, outlines the recommended do’s and don’ts for the Israeli government...

Israeli Academics’ Role in Creating the Warped Perception of American Academia

Maureen Amitai ה' טבת התשפ"ד | 17 December 2023

Since the October 7, there has been a vigorous and vital conversation about the failings and errors that brought on that terrible event. The State Control Committee held a...

Don’t be Fooled, Canada – ‘Anti-Zionism’ is Just Antisemitism, Rebranded

Adv. Avraham Shalev כ"ג כסלו התשפ"ד | 6 December 2023

Since the Hamas-perpetrated slaughter of Israeli civilians on Oct. 7, Jews worldwide have faced an unprecedented wave of antisemitism and violence. In Canada, synagogues have been firebombed and Jewish schools fired upon with...

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Don’t Reward Hamas’s War Crimes

Adv. Avraham Shalev כ"ג כסלו התשפ"ד | 6 December 2023

Hamas intentionally hides in Gazan hospitals, schools, and homes because it understands, perversely, that a higher Gazan casualty rate will bring about greater international pressure on Israel. Hamas’s exploitation of...

Now is the Time to Reduce the Number of Ministers

Dr. Michael Sarel ט"ו כסלו התשפ"ד | 28 November 2023

In 2014, the Knesset passed an amendment to Basic Law: The Government restricting the number of government ministers to nineteen (including the prime minister). The explanatory notes to the...

The “Swords of Iron” War and International Law

Adv. Avraham Shalev, Adv. David Peter י' כסלו התשפ"ד | 23 November 2023

Is it permissible to strike a hospital? When is it justified and proportional to harm noncombatants? What about humanitarian aid? How did other Western countries conduct war in similar...

Following the HCJ ruling on Special Ed

Kohelet, Yishai Rivlin כ"ה חשון התשפ"ד | 9 November 2023

In One Line:The Supreme Court canceled the Ministry of Education’s policy decision that shortened the school day in the Special Ed system due to a shortage of teaching staff....

Is the Declaration of Independence of Binding Legal Status?

Adv. Ariella Segal כ"ה חשון התשפ"ד | 9 November 2023

Following the HCJ hearing on the amendment to Basic Law: The Judiciary regarding the reasonableness doctrine (HCJ 5658/23). One-line Answer: The Declaration of Independence is of enormous historical importance,...


What Can We Learn from Canada About Judicial Use of Unwritten Principles?

Adv. Avraham Shalev כ"ה חשון התשפ"ד | 9 November 2023

An interesting 2021 ruling from the Supreme Court of Canada is very relevant to the conversation in Israel about judicial reform: What is the relation between “the language of...

The Legal Starting Point and The Sovereignty of The People

Adv. David Peter כ"ה חשון התשפ"ד | 9 November 2023

A small piece of jurisprudential theory, in light of the HCJ 5658/23 hearing (regarding the amendment to Basic Law: The Judiciary) In One Line: If every judicial system is...

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Hamas’ Use of Human Shields and Israel’s Response – Legal Aspects

Adv. Avraham Shalev כ"א חשון התשפ"ד | 5 November 2023

SummaryHamas’ use of human shields, including using hospitals and civilian objects to store weapons, launch attacks and place operations, is forbidden under international law and constitutes a war crime....

Don’t be Tempted: Even Temporary Price Controls Cause Harm

Nisan Avraham י"ז חשון התשפ"ד | 1 November 2023

Recently, the Economics Committee saw a proposal to temporarily expand price controls to include products such as water, baby diapers, flour, tuna fish and more. The Ministry of Economy’s...

Don’t Let the War on Hamas Normalize the PA

Adv. Avraham Shalev ט"ו חשון התשפ"ד | 30 October 2023

Following the massacre on the Simchat Tora holiday, prominent Western leaders have expressed support for Israel and its war on Hamas. President Biden, the Prime Ministers of Britian and...

The Duty to Protect, Not the Right to Bear Arms

Maureen Amitai י"ד חשון התשפ"ד | 29 October 2023

Tens of thousands of applications for a license to carry a private firearm were filed with the Ministry for National Security in the past two weeks, among them from...

legal issues regarding a siege on Gaza

Prof. Avi Bell ה' חשון התשפ"ד | 20 October 2023

Israel has a right under international law to impose a complete siege, which would be a land encirclement of the combat area of the Gaza Strip. Since Gaza has...

The ICC has a chance to restore its reputation and prosecute Hamas for war crimes

Prof. Avi Bell, Adv. Avraham shalev ד' חשון התשפ"ד | 19 October 2023

October 7, 2023, was the bloodiest day in Israeli history. As the world now knows, in the early hours that morning, during a Jewish holiday, more than a thousand...

Israel’s government has a duty to use every lawful means of warfare to defeat Hamas

Prof. Avi Bell, Adv. Erielle Davidson ג' חשון התשפ"ד | 18 October 2023

Israelis are still burying the 1,200 victims of the Saturday attack on southern Israel by Hamas, the Islamist terrorist group that seized power in Gaza in 2007. As the...

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