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By using the Kohelet Policy Forum (“KPF”) website at www.kohelet.org.il (“the Website”), you are agreeing to the terms of this user agreement, in its wording at that time. If you do not agree, you must abstain completely and immediately from using the Website or the content, as defined below.


The full copyright and intellectual property rights in the design of the Website and any other content hosted by it are the sole property of KPF, unless stated otherwise. You must not copy, distribute, broadcast, sell or publicize any part of the Website content without obtaining the consent of KPF in advance and in written. For this purpose, “content” includes any information that is hosted on the site, such as text, photos, recordings, videos, files, applications and anything connected with the editing and presentation of the above.

You may make reasonable use, as defined in the law, of the content, including quoting and attributing copyright-protected content as noted above (“Protected Content”). This reasonable use must not include the falsification, harming or changing of the Protected Content or using it for any purpose that could be construed as depreciating it, with respect to the Protected Content, and which could harm the good name or honor of the copyright holder.


KPF will not bear any responsibility for the Website content, its accuracy or the consequences of the use thereof. The Website content is not to be used as the basis for any legal proceeding whatsoever. The links on the site are offered as a public service and  KPF will not bear any responsibility for the content of the links or the consequences of using them.


KPF may gather information on you while you are surfing the site, or such information could be given by you (“Personal Information”). A reasonable measure of Personal Information will be kept by KPF in a secure manner, and will be used solely for furthering KPF goals.


KPF may terminate this User Agreement at any time at its sole discretion. This User Agreement will be subject to the laws of the State of Israel alone. The sole jurisdiction concerning this User Agreement belongs to the authorized courts in Jerusalem.

Last updated on 11 Adar B’ 5776, 21 March 2016.

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