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Ran Bar-Yoshafat

Deputy Director

Ran is the Deput Director of Kohelet Policy Forum. He has conducted numerous Israel advocacy speaking tours in the United States. He is the Project Manager of the IJC – The Israeli Jewish Congress. Previously, Mr. Bar Yoshafat worked for the Legal Department of the Knesset, was the director of the Jerusalem District of the EZ-Way Psychometric Company, and instructed special classes for struggling minorities. He laso led groups of “MASA” young adults participants in Israel and has given lectures to a wide group of audiences on various matters relating to Israel and project building. A member of the IMPACT! Alumni club (Scholarships for IDF soldiers) and has been active with the Jewish Agency for Israel – the Zionist seminars and the Summer Delegates, and with StandWithUs, WUJS and other pro-Israel organizations. Mr. Bar-Yoshafat has an L.L.B from the Hebrew University, Jerusalem, an MBA from Tel-Aviv University, and an MA from Haifa University
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