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Prof. Avi Bell

Professor Avi Bell is a member of the Faculty of Law at Bar Ilan University and the University of San Diego School of Law, and he serves as a Senior Fellow at the Kohelet Policy Forum. His fields of academic research include property and intellectual property law, international law, land use law, the laws of war, and the Arab-Israeli conflict. Professor Bell is considered one of the leading researchers in Israel in the field of economic analysis of law, and he is a member of the Israeli Law & Economics Association as well as the American Law & Economics Association. Professor Bell has delivered papers at the annual conferences of these Associations as well as the International Society for New Institutional Economics. His papers have been published in leading law journals including Yale Law Journal, Stanford Law Review and Columbia Law Review. Bell received his BA and JD from the University of Chicago and his doctorate from Harvard University. He has served as a visiting professor at the law schools of Fordham University and the University of Connecticut. He was director of the Global Law Forum at the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs during 2008-2009.
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